BBC's take on "What is Podcasting?"

If you haven't notice, I'm an addicted podcast listener (see side bar, lol)... anyway, the culture show on BBC2 has just aired a segment on Podcast. Check it out, it's pretty great... couldn't ask for a better segment, i guess


Sorry it's a BitTorrent file and it's 101 MB video mp4 quality... I'll surely give this post an update if I can find any smaller direct download one, for those that prefer... If you don't know much about BitTorrent, it's just another way to download file. Check out: BitTorrent Official Download. You just need to install a small software extension so that you computer know what bittorrent is, and can download it properly.

And btw, you can play "mp4" file using QuickTime Player (and maybe the new Windows Media Player?...I'm not sure, I'm not so much of a microsoft fan :P )

via: Baron's comment on live.curry.com

update 12/2/04: for those that prefer video mpeg file, another bittorrent can be found here:

via: DSC-2004-11-29's show note


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