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Ok, since my "article list" on podcast has grown so big that it won't nicely fit on my sidebar anymore, I decided to make a post on it and have everything linked to here instead. This is by no means a complete list of every articles that's ever published about podcast, they are just my own collection of articles that "I" think interesting. I started collecting them for my own personal reference (to point them to someone when I try to explain what podcast is and how big it has grown.) Most of them were found via daily updates of Adam Curry's and Dave Winer's blog, so all credits really go to them; especially for working so hard in getting podcast and RSS to work. The articles are in (roughly) decending chronological order (newest first) [or at least the order of which how I personally have found them.] Anyways, here is the list:

CBS News: Podcasts Alarm Traditional Radio

Forbes: Podcasting: Making Waves

MP3.com: Howard Stern vs. Adam Curry

Reuters: PluggedIn:Homespun "podcasts" explore universe of topics

InformationWeek: Podcasting Proves Popular
with 54 related articles from Google News

Pew Internet: Podcasting catches on

CNN: Tuning in to new radio trend

BBC: 'Podcasters' look to net money

Sydney Morning Herald: Austereo gets serious about podcasting

Science@NASA: A new "podcast" [...] in your pocket MP3 player

Forbes: Podcasting The Night Away

San Francisco Chronicle: Homespun shows find big audience
Do-it-yourself podcasters turn their living rooms, basements into studios

San Francisco Chronicle: Podcasting gives voice to amateurs
Although it's not as easy as blogging, it's still worth the effort

NY Times: For a Start-Up, Visions of Profit in Podcasting
NY Times: Tired of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts Are Here

New Scientist: 'Podcasters' deliver radio-on-demand

JS Online: MiPod or yours?

USA Today: Radio to the MP3 degree: Podcasting (Pic)
USA Today: Podcasting: It's all over the dial

AP: 'Podcasting' Lets Masses Do Radio Shows (2)

The Mercury News: Podcasting power
The Mercury News: My very own radio station has transformed my listening habits
(usr: cypherpunk, pwd: cypherpunk)

Playlist: Podcasting - Hear What the Buzz Is About

Fortune: Podcasting - From MTV to MP3

MTV: 'Podcasting' Allows Anyone To Become An Instant International DJ

MIT Technology Review: Get Ready for Podcasting

The Fresno Bee: Pod people

Wired: You, Too, Can Be a Podcaster

BBC: Podcasts bring DIY radio to the web

The Boston Phoenix: Feed your head

The World: Adam Curry podcasting report

Times Online - Britain: For listeners with no time, the radio show that records itself

The Boston Globe: Computer, microphone, iPod make broadcasting personal (fact corrections)

Digital-Lifestyles.info: Podcasting Primed, BBC Radio MP3 download success

Newsweek: The Alpha Bloggers

The Christian Science Monitor: 'Podcast' your world

CNN: Invasion of the podcasting people?

The Independent: The people's radio

Newsweek: Tivo for your iPod

Radio X-Factor: Podcasting University

Australian IT: Podcasting takes off

The Times: The Next Big Thing

Business 2.0: Here Come the Podcasters

NBC4: 'Podcasting' Brings Personalized Audio Programs To Your Media Player

i love radio.org: How Podcasting Will Save Radio

The Laporte Report: Podcaster Feed is Up
[this last one isn't really an article but it's where I first learn about podcast from Leo]

(this post is NOT any more actively maintained, it was last updated on: 04/27/05)


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