iPodlounge's Buyers' Guide 2004

It's been out for a while now, but I guess it's still in season. If you don't know what you are gonna give someone this holiday, have a look at iPod and this buyers' guide. iPodlounge.com forums are the places to go if you have an ipod or have question about it... check it out if you don't know the site already.

iPod is great since you can't go wrong giving it to someone. Everybody likes music (well, as far as I know). It's a good fall back gift if you go blank on what to give someone (maybe a little pricey, but that's what makes it different and not like other mp3 players that one might go "eww" after looking at it)

I wish the buyers' guide comes in print too tho >.< I never like reading this kind of stuff on screen, especially in pdf. I would think they could afford it in print since there's a good number of ads in there... but again they aren't publisher so it might be harder/more work for them to mail out flyers like it.

update: just got an email from apple... more links
"iPod gift list"
"Mac gift list"

and I just walked into an apple store today... first encounter with iPod Photo and new iMac... I love the iPod Photo, only it's dang too expensive. I wish I have spare money to spend... For the time being I'm back to my Gen 3 20GB iPod >.<;


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