Halo 2 is out!

Yes! Halo2 is out... It's Nov.9 and the long waited game is now in store... I got my copy last last night at 12.30am since one of the game stores in my area had midnight event so i was lucky to get my copy early ^^ ...No, i didn't get in line early like a number of pple did. I went there around 12.15am hoping that pple might have clear up and there would be some copies left :) And lucky enough i got the 2nd last Collector's Edition :)

I played about 2 hours last night and it was pretty good. I won't say much for now but I got to give credits to the graphic and voice acting. Till I play more, check out some review if u want more info ;)

-Don't u hate it when it's near holiday and games r coming out so many at the same time? I've been bored for like 2 months cuz there was no good games (that worth my money) coming out... And now they are pouring... I have yet to get into any GTA and now Halo is out... Nintendo DS is coming out 11/21 and i don't know how many games i'm gonna get for it... lol

update: oh! also, how could i forget about NFSU2 (11/15)... how am i supposed to play 3-4 games+ at the same time? >.<

more review...


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