Which side of the road?

Ever wonder why people can't just drive on the same side of the road worldwide?

(image by: Nicholas Hodder)
(image from: Brian Lucas)

I never knew this big vast majority drive on the right o_O
anyway, reasons why people drive on the left :
-Knights passed on each other's right (walk on the left) to ensure that their protective sword arm was between self and potential opponent.
-Right-handed person finds it easier to mount a horse from the left side of the horse. It would be very difficult if one wears a sword (which would be worn on the left) to mount and dismount in the middle of traffic way...

Check out the links if you are so interested, I believe there are more info than one would care...lol

"Why do British drive on the left?"
"Why does Japan drive on the left?"
Brian Lucas: "...I think that the role of the sword has been exaggerated."

via: Michael Lehman's blog


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