Bye Bye Suprnova

I wasn't surprised when I tried to show someone Suprnova.org yesterday but I couldn't get to it. Appearantly the site is "closing down for good." The most popular BitTorrent tracker site has shut down less than a week after The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) announced lawsuits against operators of such internet servers.

"'We are very sorry for this, but there was no other way, we have tried everything,' the statement said... Another site that carried BitTorrent links, N4p.com, said it had shut down due to a civil complaint that cited the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Torrentbits.org and Phoenix-torrents.com also shut down."

This is big. Sure, we saw this coming but this is too quick. After only a week something as big as Suprnova is gone. It's not that I support the idea of illegal file-sharing (I never download those movies on there anyway, since the files were so big that's it's a lot easier to just go to the theater, or rent the DVD, and watch it myself in a lot better quality) but Suprnova and other BitTorrent sites are a lot more than illegal file-sharing servers. There were a lot of great contents that you can't find it anywhere else... and now we are taking a (big) step backward just because everything has to be shut down altogether.

via: Scripting News
pic from: J!NX

update: great rant on Boing Boing


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