It's "12.12"! (how PSP was always advertised for its release date--Japanese way of dating "Dec. 12th") and the PSP--PlayStation Portable--is now out in Japan. Just about every gamer around the world wants to be in Japan right now (me included.) From a number of comments I read in many webboards, the battery life of PSP varies quite a lot, depending on what you play (games/movies/mp3) and the brightness/sound settings. People are reporting as low as "less than an hour" to "8 hours." I doubt they are accurate. Probably it's just too early and, for most people, the batteries are not properly charged up yet (Li-ion needs a few cycles to reach its peak)... but yea... can't wait to get my hands on it. It's planned to come to the States around Q1 2005. Let's hope it won't be delayed.

more pics of people waiting in line last night(12/11)

pics via: Engadget

update: more links if you are interested in PSP
Lik-Sang.com (scroll down for pics)

update 12/13/04: Slashdot has picked up IGN's PSP battery journal
more links: Joystiq PSP reviews round-up


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