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Financial Times: Yahoo set to launch desktop search tool.

via: Scripting News

For some reasons everyone is jumping on this desktop-search-tool idea after google has first thought of it (with Google Desktop.) There are already reports on (and leaked pictures of) Microsoft going to have something similar in its next OS (Longhorn). I'm really not a big fan of having everything indexed on my computer (and therefore everything is easier to steal if hacked), and if it's really that good I think one is enough and there's really no point in having too many choices to choose from (just like search toolbar these day; where most people prefer to have only one.)

update: Yahoo! Desktop search tool is going to be based on the desktop search tool X1, and they say that it will go deeper into data than Google's... And the release date is set somewhere around the New Year.

update 12/13/04: Microsoft has joined the competition with MSN Toolbar Suite, the free software comes with the new MSN Desktop Search, MSN Toolbar in Microsoft Outlook and MSN Deskbar. It works with WinXP and 2000 only:
link: MSN Toolbar Suite Beta
via: Seattle Post

update 12/16/04: Ask Jeeves joins the pact.
via: Geek News Central


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