Too many news, too little time

Sorry I can only list link today, I'm already late reading all the news, lol

- ourTunes: Download shared iTune songs from open wifi
(not exactly legal)
- Concrete TV: TV mashups, great for mashup fans and channel surfers
- How to win Monopoly, I mean the game
via: plastic bugs

- CES 2005: Bill Gates and... Conan O'Brian??
- Kodak's new beauty, but not so much on pricing (update: Hands on)
- Toshiba's 60GB Photo MP3 player
- SD card with built-in USB adapter
- Sony 4GB Memory Stick PRO
- RCA's Mini Photo MP3 player
- Sirius partners with Microsoft to launch video in 2006
- Temporary vehicle paint
via: Engadget

update 1/7/04: Couldn't bother make another post for short update:
- Samsung's the world's largest plasma TV and the world's largest LCD TV
- Motorola’s iTunes phone (Slashdot) (Previous post)


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