The Long Tail of the Blogosphere

Looking for new blogs to read but don't really know where, or how, to find them? Try Steve Tibbett's Long Tail of the Blogosphere.

From its about page: "One thing that sets this site apart is that what you read is anonymous, until you choose to read more. An item is presented to you, without telling you who wrote it. It could be your favourite author; it could be someone you've never heard of. Probably the latter, of course. It's a great way to discover new sources of information - keep clicking Next until you see something you like.

...Every time you press Next, you'll see something fresh - often submitted within the last few seconds. ...This takes the power of determining what blogs are interesting out of the hands of Google (via PageRank) and other large sites, and democratizes it."

via: Scripting News


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