SAFELY (and legally) download mp3 for 4 cents a song!

It seems like this exists for quite a while now; but if you guys don't know about it...there's a Russian site that offer mp3s (or other popular formats, if u prefer) for 4 cents a song...well, it doesn't charge you "per song" but rather the traffic (file size) you download.


What makes it "safe" for you? It's because the site accepts PayPal so you can avoid the link between their site and your bank/credit card account and use paypal as a buffer in between you and them.

What makes it even better is that you can choose the compression rate yourself from 128-320 kbps(relatively equals to cd quality)... And what makes this legal? It seems that Russian law is different and they can legally sell songs that are ripped on the fly. Check it out if you have limited amount of money to spend on $1 per song, and/or don't want the hassle of searching blindfolded for good quality songs on P2P(which is illegal! so don't do it)

-all credits go to Phillip Torrone and his great podcasts #6 for pointing me out to the site.


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