Podcasting and Business-Model

Doug Kaye has posted a great discussion asking
how can IT Conversations become financially self-sustaining.
A number of good models are discussed. If you are interested in podcasting, you might want to have a look and see what might be the future business view of (some) podcasting. I doubt every podcast is going to have, or need, bussiness model (since the majority of podcasters today does it because of their passion and love in creating their own content, and not for mainly money, just like blogging) but surely if things grow as big as IT Conversations, They(he?) need(s) to find a way to keep things running smoothly somehow. (And he really earns it since a lot of them are Doug's personal work of going places to record them himslef)

"As is true for other podcasters (if you can call IT Conversations a podcast) this is virgin territory. No one really knows what will work and what won't. But if any business model is to be successful it's got to meet the needs of the listeners without whom there would be no business to model."
-Doug Kaye

via: Scripting News


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