"BroadSnatching" how-to: videos for your media player

Own a portable media player but you don't know what to put on it? Try Phillip Torrone's guide on how to get free and random videos from internet. The idea is pretty simple, very much like broadcatching, but this time "broadsnatching"(Phil's new term of the day) uses RSS with direct downloader like ipodder.

And sure you can play the downloaded files on your computer also, so you don't really need to have portable media player to try out this fun how-to.

You can find a demo/sample video of it here. (looks like an interesting idea for those who like channel surfing :P ) And btw, the video is not safe for work around the end ^^;

via: Engadget

also: today's bonus OT(off-topic) extra link from Engadget: "Japanese hand-free umbrella." I just find it interesting but couldn't bother make another post about it :P


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