Golden Globe Nominations 2005

Golden Globe 2005 nominations are announced. Surprisingly (to me) "Sideways" leads the top with seven nominations. The movie was ok to me, and it isn't that big in the US. I went to see it a few weeks ago just because the time fit me ^^; The story was good but everything starts quite slow at the beginning... it's not until around 3/5 into the story that things start to pick up and get more interesting. So if you are going to see it, don't get bored at the beginning (like me) because the character development at the beginning is rather slow (but things get good later [like wine? :P ])

And yay to three acting nominations of Jamie Foxx for his performance as Ray Charles in "Ray." I heard he did great but I have yet to see the movie myself.

"The Aviator" had six nominations and I can't wait for it to hit theaters. "Closer" got five nominations; but I've already talked about that (well... kinda :P )

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