Here and There News from Engadget

- Want a romantic [new and interesting] way to propose your special lady? "...some dude in Norway...asked his girlfriend to marry him by way of an engraving on the back of a 20GB iPod (she said yes)..."

- Napsters is planing to offer all-you-can download monthly subscription plan because they believe that people wouldn't want to spend $10,000 for 10,000 songs in their mp3(/wma) player. (how about filling it with some podcasts also? :P )

- Engadget got some stupid hoax email... they should at least change the country name :rolleyes:

- Bad children get their presents put on eBay auctions

- Korean Information Security Agency: Mobile spam (unsolicted commercial text messages) outpaced complaints about regular email spam by margin of 3 to 1 in Korea. (Problem with mobile spam is growing pretty big in Asia, hopefully it won't come to the US anytime soon)


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