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Good news for Nintendo DS users, there are people who say that they have a way to tunnel the multi-player capability through the internet. (PictoChat and smooth-rate Metroid Prime) The bad news is, those people are not telling (yet) for how they are doing it and what is/are required. They claim that they are "testing it out" for its reliability as well as compatibility with different PC systems... I wonder why Nintendo didn't launch the unit with this function at the first place, if it is capable of doing it. Obviously NDS uses 802.11 range (you can see yourself by using program like NetStumbler to scan the signal) and it would be great to be able to connect to internet with some wifi access point.

also, an extra fun link for a demo of an interesting Japanese game called "Band of Brothers." A wierd demo but can't say that's it's unexpected, lol :P

both via: plastic bugs

update: ok, now that I know more about Band of Brothers, I can't wait for it to be released in the US! I'm a music game fan and always love things like BeatMania... Band of Brothers looks pretty great when you are actually playing it.


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