Here and There News

Just small bits and pieces of news from here and there:

-There's a new variant of the Series60 Phone's Skulls trojan that can now spread by bluetooth... so keep the port close if don't really use it.

-A great review of Nintendo DS on Joystiq.
"I've struggled with the basic question, "Do I like the Nintendo DS?" Short answer, I hate the device... Long answer, I'm enjoying the games for the very same reason I loathe the hardware..." -Ben Zackheim

-update on my yesterday post: more MSN Spaces review - MSN Spaces vs. TypePad

-komo 1000 News: "A medical study shows sugar water works just as well as many common cough syrups when it comes to suppressing nighttime coughing." =o interesting

-another small sidebar update on a great RSS how-to

via: Engadget, Joystiq, and Scripting News


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