Fast News for Fast Read

- New York ISP got their domain hijacked
- OpenNet Initiative report on filtering blogs in China
- ThinkSecret.com is sued by Apple and its owner, an Harvard undergrad!, is seeking aid because he can't afford to fight
- 150-km-long iceberg is expected to smash into the end of an Antarctic glacier
- Having bad headache?: Colorado construction worker had four-inch nail embedded in his skull and he didn't even realize it.
- An interesting Postal Experiments for USPS
- TV networks fiddle schedules to break PVRs

update: You know it, links from Engadget read:
- iPod Shuffle and Mac mini dissected
- First case for the iPod shuffle
- Americans spent $113.5 billion on consumer electronics last year
- Volvo officially adds iPod option
- Text-to-speech cellphone features
- PowerBook G5 coming in Q2?


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