PlayStation "Crystal Pepsi" Ltd. Edition Game

This guy is really selling nothing-ness
eBay item: PlayStation "Crystal Pepsi" Ltd. Edition. Game - Rare!
(update: i guess he took all the pics down after the auction ended, but u can still read all the descriptions)

I'm not exactly sure whether this is a joke or not since he(she?) has 305+ feedbacks and if you look at his profile, there's even more items he's selling:

eBay item: Ultimate Video Game Kitchen Appliance Set!
"All items are pick up only, and if you do pick them up, all you will get is a laugh in the face because they don't exist. I made them all up! Now go back to playing your Crystal Pepsi and leave me alone. :) ...This auction is not to be bid on. It's fake."

:rolleyes: Someone is having too much money AND TIME, in his hand; and/or is hungry for a 20-sec fame to be mentioned on some talk show.

And since when "listing fake stuffs on ebay" is a hobby??


At 11:09 AM, Blogger the_dark_vanilla said...

good one...i real funny...


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