IBM to Give Free Access to 500 Patents

I don't think it's any part directly as a result of my rant, but it's good to hear that open source project ideas are getting bigger and bigger. We can only get better quicker when the ideas are shared, and not restricted just because someone "own" them.

Speaking about sharing idea, Dave Winer (the inventor of RSS) has proved that making it too open is a bad thing too. Once an idea becomes popular, everybody tries to jump on it and start changing the standard just because they want to--making everything complicated again since the ideas are not anymore shared, but yet again owned by someone.

There are lots of good RSS supporters recently though:
- ABC news RSS headlines
- WebMD News RSS
- More BroadCatching?: Wired: "Videos Quick, Easy and Automatic" - Videora
more RSS update:
- "Seattle Public Library...RSSified!!"
- MSN Search supports RSS, differentiated self from other search sites

via: Scripting News


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