Second Grader, Stop Sketching cuz Paintings are Copyrighted

"It is standard operating procedure for students of art to learn by example by sketching masterpieces in an art museum."

Julia Illana, second grader, was told by a museum guard at the North Carolina Museum of Art that sketching was prohibited because the great masterpieces [that she was drawing in her notebook] are copyright protected.

Come on guys, it's not like she is going to sell her drawing and get some kind of profit from someone else's work. We all start out by practicing with someone else's work or idea. Even today, how many things in the real commercial world are really truly original? People's ideas are like building blocks, we learn and use previously invented idea to reach a new one. And all these copyrighted frenzies are slowing us down because everyone wants to "own" the ideas and sucks everything right out of the public domain, as well as not wanting to let go. CC idea has grown much in the past few years but surely it's not enough where it should, or could, be.

via: Boing Boing

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