Knotorious.com - New Domain Acquired

This blog can now be reached via: Knotorious.com
(Need definitions? try UrbanDictionary and Dictionary.com)

Although the host will still stay at blogger since I barely create any content right now. A whole new website would be good but I really have to find the time to do so. Now life REALLY gets in the way of blogging ^^;
(and I thought it was bad bafore.)

I tried to start something similar to this blog at Digg.com by digging stories that were interesting, hoping to link this blog to them, but eventualy that only worked for awhile. >.< (You can find my Digg.com user profile here.) Maybe I'll jump back on it sometime... stay tuned...

-"The second law of thermodynamics says that everything in the universe gets messier over time"

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