2 news about fast-forwarding... one interesting, and one totally absurd:

Let's start with the interesting one first, shall we? Regardless of how TiVo feels about people fast-forwarding through ads, CBS is releasing a study which shows that people actually pay more attention to ads when they are fast forwarding... When you think about it, it makes sense. When you fast forward through something, you need to keep an eye on what is played and when to stop. And if there's something interesting we often rewind and have a look at it. It's not that people don't like ads... look at things like Super Bowl, where cool 30-sec ads are part of the culture and people just can't stop talking about it. Today advertisers are just not using enough of their brain cells to think about ads that are cool, innovative and fun. I, as well as a lot of people I know, can guarantee you; if you have good ad people will watch it.

And talking about doing it the wrong way; there's a new bill before Congress that wants to make it illegal for people to fast-foward! Yea, your next DVD player, TiVo, etc could have only Play and Stop botton... That's stupidest idea I ever heard to get people to look at ads. This really shows that some people are not using their head right. Instead of looking at themselves for why there are a lot of shitty boring ads around that people don't like, now they want to force-feed us and control how we consume even the things we own.

Anyway, enough rant for the day...

via Engadget podcast and PVRblog


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