Jeopardy king becomes Microsoft Spokesman

The Jeopardy king, Ken Jennings, is set to become the spokesman for Microsoft's Encarta Reference Library Premium 2005.

For those that's outside US and don't know about Ken Jennings: he's a software engineer from Salt Lake City who won 74 consecutive episodes of a game show called "Jeopardy!" He now holds the rocord for most money won (US$2,522,700) on any game shows. I believe the episode which he lost was taped a few months ago but it was just aired last week. There were a few conspiracy theory :rolleyes: for him being marked to lose (google around if you want more info, I can't remember when and where I heard about it) and also there's a site of a fellow blogger is being in "legal difficulties" for posting a leaked audio of the last episode 2 days before it airs (while, if I might add, The Washington Post and a Georgia tv did similar thing but are off the hook)

more links for 12 better pics from Yahoo! News

via: Scripting News (for spokesman news)
photo from: Reuters


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