News After a Long Break

It's good to be back and have (a little bit of) time to blog again... let's start with the news, shall we?

- SBC is in the talk to buy AT&T for $16 billion
(SBC = Cingular, who has already bought AT&T Wireless)
update: the boards from both companies just met to voted today

- Wanna see how places in the US look like?
Amazon A9 is photographing every corner just for you(and its Yellow Pages)... Now you can virtually walk through the street as if you are there. (They even have videos showing how they are doing it)

- Sirius and XM are in a merger talk? FCC might step in due to anti-trust
- Google has registered "gbrowser.com" and hired the lead programmer of the Firefox... I guess we can expect one more browser in the market

- 8 Simple Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Mac from Falling Apart
- HOW-TO: Turn your Mac mini into a media center
(not as easy as it sound, but you can give it a try if you really want to)

- More strange people on eBay: have a look at this guy's comment replies

via: plastic bugs and leoville

update: Sirius CEO denied the merger rumor


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Dreamnfleet said...

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At 6:34 PM, Blogger Dreamnfleet said...

Ha you can remove your posts on this thing?
Anyway that guy must do pretty good business with himself!


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