Here Comes Bill

2 big news from Microsoft: (1)They have officially launched their own search engine. You might have already seen the ad on TV. If you own a site, you might want to make sure that it knows about you. (2)On a different note, Microsoft is frowning at iPod users, even to those in their own offices.

- New word of the day: "Folksonomies" - cooperative classification and communication through shared metadata. Basically it's how people today are "tagging" every data with keyword(s), making everything easier for others to find. Sites like Flickr and Delicious have already showed us how fun tagging can be. :P

- It's been a while since someone writes another how-to podcast article. This time MacDevCenter is taking a swing at it. A great explaination for Mac users who wants to try out podcasting.

- Live Linux CDs for games. Play old arcade games without installing. For those that aren't familiar with the term "Live CD"; it's a way to run another operator system on your PC (in this case Linux) without installing anything on your harddrive. You can run Linux, and play games, without installing anything to your harddrive at all.

also: today's extra links:
- The Fifth Annual Weblog Awards - The 2005 Bloggies: check out many of the best blogs out there
- "McDonalds Wants You To F*ck Its Sandwiches" lmao
- Disneyland's most proximate sex-offenders


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