Howard Stern vs. Adam Curry

Howard Stern vs. Adam Curry from MP3.com. Though the article is pretty much about podcast and not really Stern.

They also have a "How to Get a Podcast" page, if you are new to podcast. Pretty basic stuff, only mentioning the iPodder client (which from my experience doesn't always work with everyone--I personally got quite a few emails from people asking about it) and I hope you guys already know how, since you are reading my blog.

(Actually... come to think of it, I don't even have a good "how to get a podcast" on my site [and, I just checked, neither do all the main podcast sites o_O]. Wow, we take the basics for granted, don't we? Well, I personally can't find the one's that good enough to link to... I really don't want people to think that there's only iPodder lemon to download--I got nothing against them but I believe people need to know all the choices that they have, and not get frustrated if iPodder just doesn't work for them.)

also: a new PSP hack(kind of) to do MSN IM-ing on PSP.


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