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Although Sony has yet to provide us with PSP web browsing software, there are already proofs that the unit can easily be used to look at webpages. Apparantly the new psp game, "Wipeout Pure," comes with a full featured web browser that is used to download updates. Normally it’s restricted for that purpose alone, since the "browser" only goes to its specified page ("http://ingame.scea.com/wipeout/index.html" - no, you can't use any computer browser to access it; but, of course, you can always spoof it.)

roto has shown the way to work around the restriction by spoofing, at your access point, the "ingame.scea.com" DNS and direct it to your own webserver; and stick in the page "/wipeout/index.html." Then when you hit download in Wipeout, it will load up your page with your own links instead! (The browser isn't exactly "full featured" since there are html tags and frames that won't work.)

Full story link is here. But it's currently down so here's a mirror link via yuppicide.)

via: hack a day

update: slashdotted, with lots of mirrors going around ;)
update2: if you have no idea what the DNS detail is all about, fear not; people are setting up portals and how-to so that you can browse the web by just changing a few settings on your PSP (and not your access point and/or server)

today extra link:
-a story to read for those who hate credit card fraud; which is everyone, right?


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