Meaning of No Meaning

Have you ever find yourself looking into things too much, overanalyzing, and trying to find the meanings of everything around you? Well, welcome to my life. I don't know if it's good or bad but I feel like there are a lot of things that I need to let go--I do (and I'm very much trying) but honestly I just can't. It's stupid when you know that you can feel better the other way but still you keep jumping back to the same path that more often than not you hated it. Maybe it's something unconscience, but reason doesn't always win; you know? (paradoxically so.)

Oh, and if you are trying to figure it out what the heck I am talking about in my life; I'd guess that you have answered "yes" to the (rhetorical) question at the top. (unless you are ones that's close to me, don't bother guessing or else it'll drive you crazy...just like me.)

Lots of links that I need to catch up on, also more pictures are coming up... I'm seriously thinking about upgrading my flickr to paid account so I can post the full(er?) size image. We'll see how things goes.

-"ROTSS" (Return Of The ScreenSavers) has a new name and new home. You can now find its podcast feed at TWiT.tv, as well as its alternate url: ThisWeekInTech.com
-If you like reading (random) people's opinions and feelings over the net, Box Thoughts is an interesting site for you.
-Linux is going places; including now on iPod as well as Nintendo DS.
-PodShanking: A way to do direct iPod to iPod transfers. But it's only a real time transfer which uses Podzilla, or other hardware accessory's, recorder.
-There was a Coke machine hack, now it's time for--u guessed it--Pepsi machine hack.
-How to fake fingerprints.
-Bill Gates on Engadget interview, talking about the new Xbox as well as PSP, Window Mobile, DVD standard, WMC, and DTV. Part 1 - Part 2.
-Hacking PSP data image.
-Google got hacked?
-New FireFox 1.0.3 exploit. It is critical and yet unpatched.

btw, Happy Mother's Day ;)


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