Random Fun On the Net

Since I'm here, blogging... here are a few random things I found today:

-An interesting basketball video... I wonder how long did it take to actually shoot them all (or do they actually shoot it?? :P no pun intended)
-The Daily Show comments on TV networks using blogs as sources and materials
-Teenager's iPod goes boom
-The new Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire trailer, just because every other blogs I see are posting it :P (I'm not too excited about the Goblet of Fire, comparing to the previous ones, because I still haven't finished the book... lol)

more small stuffs that doesn't really fit elsewhere
-Send hugs to love ones over distance with "hug shirt"
-How-to: Podcatching and audio autofill PSP without iTunes
-Podcasts on the radio
-Adam Curry gets Sirius


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