G4TechTV' s "The Screen Savers" as you know it is GONE!

What has happened to TSS? I know it sucks since Comcast bought it(TechTV) but why cutting people so suddenly? I didn't watch the show today so I don't know whether anything happened on the show or not. I saw it briefly yesterday (I think, or the day before) and everthing seemed fine. But from Alex's comment ("We were rounded up today at 11am and told to be out of the office at 3pm...") it seems like the show would have changed today or they would have had to do a re-run of old show cuz the show airs live at 4pm. The show was on re-run today.

"Well I've officially been let go... along with a bunch of other people from TSS and three other shows."

I hope those that were "let go" aren't the ones that had to move from SF to LA... it would be a big bum if you move to LA for a job and then get fired.

update: one of the "three other shows" seems to be "Unscrewed with Martin Sargent."

"we lost Alex, Dan, Yoshi, and several behind the scene producers"
"I’ve been told there are going to be more darktips, and that the show will still have a tech focus. That’s about it. The new show[TSS] will continue after the Thanksgiving break."

more threads about it on G4TechTV own webboards.

update 12/16/04: ok, I don't want to make another post on it since I'm not sure how many readers here actually know what TechTV is. But anyway, I found an interesting site with, at least, good intro page:

And more over, at this time, it's pretty safe to say "TechTV as you know it is GONE!" Too bad we had to lose it... if you are a fan like me and miss it, a number of casts crew are alive on blogs ("Joey the Intern," "DanHuard.com") Leo is also still on "Call For Help 2.0" in Canada... though they are seeking carrier(s) to have the show on US and other countries, they have yet to find one. Meanwhile you can download the shows with BitTorrent here.


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