E3 New-Gen Consoles Announcements

It's that time of the year again, and now we are flooded with new info and pics of the new generation consoles (finally!) So far things are looking so good:

-E3: Day One
-E3: Day Two
-E3: Day Three
-E3: Day Four
-E3: Day Five

-PlayStation 3 - pics, lots more pics
-Xbox 360 - announcement event, giveaways, the booth, Switched On, The Clicker
-Nintendo Revolution - PlayFeed, Engadget, announcement event, pics, more pics, multicolors, the wait, but maybe not so long?

-GameBoy Micro - more pics, multicolors, comparing to SP, hands on
-DSpeak: VoIP via Nintendo DS
-Nintendo booth, part 2, more pics
-E3 proposals

via: Engadget


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