iPodLinux Project

What happens when you put the best mp3 player and the (arguably) best OS together? how about "iPodLinux" Project? ;)

(well, imho, it's not the killer app to have on your iPod yet but everything looks great so far... You sure want to give it a try if you have an old-unusd iPod lying around. Btw, "Fourth generation iPods including the click wheel, mini, U2, and Photo are NOT currently supported.")

update: Hack a Day picked this up and made a (short) how-to on it to record stuffs on iPod for free.

more news update:
- Reuters: Tsunami Dead as Toll Hits 68,000. (Adam Curry asks, "Who holds the 'official' count?")

- A very interesting site, Newseum.org: 356 newspaper front pages from 42 countries presented alphabetically.

- Podcast Article update: The Boston Phoenix: Feed your head

via: live.curry.com and Scripting News

ps. I visited apple.com today and they are doing public service work, having their full front page linking to different organizations for the tsunamis donation.


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