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More news via Leoville:

- More “highly critical” Windows flaws found by XFocus Team. The flaws allow untrusted sites/emails to execute malicious code on your PC and reboot your system with a malformed .ANI file. There is no patch yet so the only fix for now, which should already be common sense especially for Windows users, is to stay away from untrusted sites and email.

- Yahoo plans to add real time traffic reports to its Yahoo Maps. Yay! The only thing we need now is easy access, somehow, on the road.

- For those that don't know, for a while now cars have electronic devices that monitor acceleration and braking to save fuel and improve safety (similar to airplanes' "blackbox".) Questionably, the information recorded can also be used in court to convict reckless drivers.

- An update for my last post on a parent putting his children's Christmas present(Nintendo DS) on eBay auction. Golden Palace Casino has bought it for $5,300 (the same place which bought the "Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich." Sure there's no such thing as bad/stupid publicity.

- Microsoft will comply immediately with the European Commission’s decision forcing the company to unbundle Windows Media Player from Windows.

- Security experts said that the Symbian cell phones' Skulls trojan is just the beginning. Smart phones are more vulnerable to worms because they’re always online and generally have weak security features.

- "Firefox Ad Boosts Downloads: This weekend we broke 200,000 downloads on both Saturday and Sunday... and we've seen over half a million downloads for Monday and Tuesday."


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