PSP US release detail

Finally we have the official detail for PSP's US release. The date is March 24th, with the price of US$250 which will include: 32MB MemoryStick Duo, headphones, remote control, battery pack, AC adaptor, soft case, cleaning cloth, and an UMD sampler. The UMD movie version of Spider-Man 2 will also be included with the first 1 million pre-orderers/purchasers.

via: Joystiq

- 1TB(1 terabyte = 1000GB) CD-size "HVD" technology
- "Podcast Tuner" - better looking, better design, podcatch client(?). Find out Feb. 8th
- A mug that can tell you how much milk you have in your tea
- A medley for Nintendo fanboys/girls (4:30min long, but first 10 secs are silence)

- PSP's Europe release is delayed till Q2. Sony spokesperson gave reason on chip shortages giving them no capacity to release PSP on 3 worldwide markets


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