A Small Update

- A new podcast article in Forbes
- CBC Radio adds another podcast: "Quirks and Quarks" - its weekly award-winning science show
- Gracenote knows when you pop in a CD and/or rip one, even legally
- Lawrence Lessig, the Creative Commons inventor, talks about the importance of the concept and its applications on C-SPAN, supported by Library of Congress (RealMedia, click the top red "Watch" botton to watch... Lovely mix-ups around 34:22min ;) )

- FOX News: "No matter what you think Michael Jackson did or didn't do in the past, this family has set him up... I do know that the boy's mother and her now-husband invented the story of the family's kidnapping."

I have to admit; FOX News isn't one of the first news sources I normally check, but the current MJ hype in the media today is way out of control. Everyone I know who said they know Jackson personally all say that he is innocent. I don't want to get into a long argument, but all media are presenting news as if he is guilty (obviously because the story sells itself a lot better that way.) What happens to "innocent until proven guilty"? I know it's fun that people joke around, but fairness in reporting is important too. (update: more new link)

via: curry.com

Interestingly we now see mainstream media starting to implement podcast with their current medium:

- SciFi Channel now has Battlestar Galactica Podcast where you can listen to "exclusive commentary" by it's executive producer, Ronald D. Moore, together with watching the show.
- Virgin Radio UK's "The first UK radio station to produce a daily podcast"


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