Media Expectation

It's true that you need to expect the worst from media as an interviewee. I've been fortunate enough to be part of a TV program last week (most of you won't know, it's just a small local thing.) For the past few months I've been hearing people whining about how the media always get their facts wrong and they are suckers for fact checking; well guess what, it's true... It was true, still true, and will be true. Before this, I've learned to expect that there will always be something wrong in an article, or a segment, that you are interviewed for... but it does hit you harder when it happens to you personally. They get little, but significant, things like my age wrong; things that they could easily call me back to confirm it with me instead of running the story just the way they heard it from someone. It's also safe to expect that they will use the worst part of the materials you have offered. The good part of the interview that I personally like was cut out, and only left with the parts that I wish they aren't there.

Maybe it's just the way people are--being critical about themselves when they are on a spotlight? I don't know. Does anyone ever like the way their interview turnout in an article and/or segment of a show?

The past week I've been digging up old friends from old contact book, looking for someone to connect with and maybe catch up with what I have missed. As expected, everyone was too busy with their life (and I totally understand that, most of the time I'm busy too.) I wonder why is it so hard to find a person to talk to when you are the one that wants a talk? I mean really really talk. What are the chances of 2 person being in the "mood for talking" at the same time? All I get from people were their new IM(instant msging) IDs. I hate IM. I am a big disbeliever of IM-ing. I don't understand how people talk with IM. People always do something else when they are IM-ing so how can you really talk, but just having a chit-chat? There's a big void of emptiness when you wait 2 minutes for someone's reply. I know I have people's (really honest) attention when they read/reply email... but it seems like no one, but me, uses email any more.

You know what the big ironic thing at the end of the story is? Right now I'm the one being busy, and now someone's IM-ing, wanting to talk to me. /sigh. I just need someone who's in sync with me. Lucky enough I have blog as another outlet, so I can talk whenever I want... to whoever wants to read (yes, that's YOU.)

A quick plug for another friend of mine who has a blog, if you are looking for another good blog to read; make sure you stop by and check out: Tsai and her glam life.


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