Sick and Tired?

I just saw 2 of the greatest movies I've seen in awhile: Million Dollar Baby (obviously) and Hotel Rwanda. From the 2 of them, I would recommend people to see Hotel Rwanda (since Million Dollar Baby already has enough push by the Oscar.) It's a great (real life) story and, unlike how many people might think, it's not depressing at all. All of the people in the "developed countries" really need to see this film. You watch the trailer and you might think it's a story about killings, but it's actually more of a story about hope for a change/difference. If you want to really understand more about the world, if you want to be more of a human, you need to see Hotel Rwanda.

-Go see Million Dollar Baby if you feel that you are tired about your life, or whatever you are doing.
-Go see Hotel Rwanda if you think you have a problem in your life--thinking that your life is a misery. (and/or if you live in 1st-/2nd-world country)

2 down, 1 to go... and I already got the Ray DVD. Just looking for some free time to enjoy. ;)

"Winners are simply willing to do what losers won't" and you know what? "I think I did alright" ;)

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update: I just finished watching Ray. Jamie Foxx definately deserves the Oscar. The film was a little too long for me, maybe because I watched it as "Extended Version." If you are watching the movie by DVD for the first time, don't make the same mistake I made. Watch the original version since the extended version is nothing but the film interrupted by deleted scenes. The added scenes distract you more than help, and you should watch the deleted scenes separately. The flow of the story is totally distroyed in the "extended version." But overall I love the fim; lots of great shots that I like. It could've even been nominated for best picture imho.


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