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--->Name On Birth Certificate? [Still skeptical about internet ID theft. :P ]
--->Nicknames? Knot
--->Any other names you might have? I don't like to use that many names.
--->Would you change your name? Nah.
--->If So, what would you change it to? >.>
--->Where do you live? California.
--->Where have you lived? Here and there, usually not for long.
--->Where would you like to live? Still looking for the dream place.
--->Where are you glad you don't live? In a desert.
--->Hobbies? Internet, music, movies, tv, whatever's closeby.
--->Hidden Talents? Sing (badly) for fun.
--->Do you think you're attractive? Maybe.
--->Do others find you attractive? Have to ask them; tell me if you know.
--->What do you think is your best feature? Concern for others.
--->What do others think is your best feature? No idea.
--->What do you think is your worst feature? Too quiet sometimes.
--->What do others think is your worst feature? Blah...
--->Do you like your personallity? Yea, I am who I am; wouldn't want to change it.
--->Do others like your personallity? I guess, since they still stick around.
--->Do you think your funny? Can be.
--->Do others think you funny? That's very subjective :P
--->Do you like your family? Of course!
--->Do they like you? Hell, yea!


--->Had a serious illness? I'm lucky enough to never been admit into a hospital(yet.)
--->Been happy about someones death? No (what kind of question is this?)
--->Killed an animal? Small bugs, ants, spiders (because had to.)
--->Been sexually attracted to a cartoon character? umm, maybe?!?!! :D
--->Caused a riot? Can't say no, but can't say yes either.
--->Taken part in a riot? Maybe? Try not to.
--->Eaten a bug? Chew a fly once (eww! >.< unintentionally, of course!)
--->Been on stage? Who hasn't?
--->Joined a gang? Not knowingly.
--->Been mentally disturbed? Snapped once or twice.
--->Smoked? No.
--->Drank? No.
--->Stolen? Not anymore, used to when little. (bad boy >.<)
--->Used someone? No.
--->Wished to die? No.
--->Streaked? o_O No.
--->Questioned God's existence? Once in a (long) while.
--->Cursed at God? Maybe "about," but not "at."
--->Stalked someone online? Only got stalked myself once. >.<
--->Had a sexual fantasy? I don't think so. (?)
--->Taken pills? For cough, cold, flu, and fever.


--->Kill your parents? No!!!
--->Eat an ant farm? Maybe, for $1B.
--->Have same gender sex? Have $1B before me first or I don't even want to think about it.
--->Kill your best friend? Ever heard "money can't buy everything"?
--->Hold up a convenience store? Just "hold up"? Let me look up prison time for that first.
--->Shoot yourself in the leg? I would seriously doubt why someone'd ask this for $1B.
--->Eat another person? I think I'll pass on this one.
--->Jump off a three story building? Sure, if there's an air bed. (or bungy rope?)
--->Walk naked in a mall? O_o.
--->Shave your head? Sure.
--->Drink human blood? :E
--->Box with a kangaroo? Who wouldn't do that for $1B?
--->Kill the president? Nah. Not that I like his politic.
--->Slap an old person? Gimme the money Billion.
--->Eat a booger? Come on, you are giving out free billion here.
--->Strip for Osama Bin Laden? I don't think he's gay, and I'll get killed afterward anyway; so no.


--->Letter? K
--->Color? Dark Blue.
--->Number? 9
--->Word? Serendipity, hope, dream, love.
--->Movie? Too many; lately are: Lost in Translation, Closer, Garden State,...
--->Rapper? They all kindda the same to me, no offence.
--->Pop group? Too bad they are all crappy today.
--->Rock/R&B/Pop/R&b singer/band? I really don't listen to specific person/group.
--->Shape? Circle, sometimes ellipse.
--->Person? Too many.
--->Relative? Hmm... ...All of them. :P
--->Old Song? Too many, can't pinpoint to one song >.<
--->New Song? What's new? >.< It changes everyday.
--->CD? Who buy CD these day? (Last I bought, quite sometime ago, was Avril Lavigne if that answer the Q)
--->T.v Show? Friends(older seasons), Will and Grace (just because both are syndicated everyday here :P )
--->Movie Soundtrack? Changes every movie I see.
--->Channel? NBC, only sometimes.
--->Parent? Both of them.
--->Restuarant? Too many, or too little.
--->Drink? H2O.
--->Food? All, which also means none.
--->Snack? I've been staying away from it lately (/hides an old Krispy Kreme box.)
--->Shoe Brand? I don't choose by brand. >.<
--->Underwear? Again, anything that works. :)
--->Season? I'll take whatever it is, not too picky.
--->Sport? All = none.
--->Dance? Only if I know a proper one. T-T
--->Shampoo? Cheapest one that works. :D

Title and questions stolen from Lexi's Crazy Blog. :P


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