Oscar Night

It's the Oscar night and I'm excited to see it... prolly just because I have nothing else to do, lol... anyway, I already feel like wanting to see 3 movies even before it starts: Million Dollar Baby, Ray, Hotel Rwanda... I would have gone to a theater today only if everyone's there to catch up on seeing what they have missed before the award.

Anyway, we'll see who'll get what. I'll prolly make an update post on it ;)

A great night. Chris Rock was da bomb bashing Bush and doing a number of great jokes. I wish he could only do more :D. Also a great night for "African Americans" (as how Jamie Foxx wants to be called), winning both leading(Jamie Foxx) and supporting roles(Morgan Freeman); Beyonce sang most of the songs, and of course Chris Rock was the host. The only thing that was a little surprising to me was the Best Picture. I very much believed it was going to go to the Aviator but now I need to see Million Dollar Baby, lol.

For those that miss the show, you can find the results here.


At 1:42 AM, Blogger +:CozY CorNer:+ said...

ใช่แล้วค่ะ มาต่อโทที่นี่ไม่รู้ว่าจะรอดรึป่าว -*-
เอาเป็นว่า มีmsnมั๊ยเอ่ย??
ถ้ามีก็ไปแป่ะemailไว้นะคะ ^^
จะได้เอาไป add เนอะ

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Dr. Claw said...

i agree!


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