The Wait is Over

George Lucas: "I describe it as a 'Titanic' in space."

It's that big? It's that good? You don't believe him? Go see it and you decide. It's definitely the best-looking Star Wars. The story is a lot better than the last first two. I like it nearly as much as the original trilogy. It's hard to compare things from different times, but Episode 3 is definately somewhere up there. Probably we like it because it ties up a lot of loose ends and finally gives the full resolution to the whole story (even though, ironically, the episode itself, obviously, doesn't have resolutory ending.)

It was an interesting trip to the theater. I went to see it Thursday(19th) afternoon and, even thought it was NOT the first(midnight) screening, still there were a lot of fanboys/girls waiting in with (plastic) lightsabers, masks, hats, etc. and that was just my local theater. Nearly all the seats were taken, which was pretty impressive for a mid-week-weekday afternoon. Some of the audience were high school students (how come I didn't get to do anything like this when I was in high school??) I didn't actually plan to see it this early, since I normally like to wait out a little bit so that there are less people in the crowd; but this time I went in just because I wanted to see, and feel, the reaction from such a crowd. Everything went well and they all seemed to like it. I catched some of the people around me leaning forward nearly the whole movie, paying more attention to the movie than usual. I've never seen anyone sitting up watching movie that long before, and it was pretty interesting to see :P

We'll see how it does after the first weekend... The numbers should be great.

-First day and it's already broken a record - "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith scored $50 million in first-day receipts... [nearly $17 million just] from midnight shows alone"
-First weekend--Friday-to-Sunday period--sale was $108.5 million, taking its total to $158.5 million since it opened after midnight on Thursday. Set a new record for four-day haul, but not the three-day weekend record which is held by "Spider-Man," which opened to almost $115 million in 2002.


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