Google Map

- Google released its new map service to help you plan your way
- Public, umm..., private sculpture in Chicago
- FCC is fighting back on cellphone spam
- Phisher is using "Microsoft" name to get your info.
Remember: Microsoft never sends out security updates via e-mail
- Great sunrise pics from a pilot via Adam Curry
- Ask Jeeves has acquired Bloglines
- Have your own low-cost recording studio by a Mac mini
- MSN Messenger suffers outage
- Unique, and beautiful, snowflakes
- More people with nail in their body, unknowingly

also: a number of articles have been added.
update: Google Map dissected


At 7:09 PM, Blogger +:CozY CorNer:+ said...

อ่อ อันนี้นี่เป็น เทคโนโลยี อัพเดทใช่ป่าวคะ

อ่านแล้วงง งง.. ^^'

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Knot said...

Yes krub... I was just talking to someone via email that the news is a little too hardcore... and yea, this post doesn't really explain much but just a bunch of links for you to follow and read... sorry but I'll sure try to put more of my comments in the future when I can >.< Only i'm so busy these day that I don't have time to comment on anything at all T-T


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