Advanced 3G Mobile Phone Format

A Japanese newspaper reported today that DoCoMo and 25 other leading wireless carriers and telecoms equipment makers have agreed to develop an advanced mobile phone standard, called "Super 3G," capable of sending high-resolution video in an instant.

"[The] transmission speeds will be more than 10 times as fast as the current third-generation (3G) service, [and it] could be launched as early as 2009."

Wouldn't we be using 4G phones by then? An if it starts in 2009, it will take well after 2010++ for people like us, outside Japan, to get our hands on such technology. Well, at least we know that something new is being developed.

via: Engadget

also: today's extra link: Japan plans to start pilot program, giving away free PDA at Narita Airport in February and March next year. More reason to visit Japan, lol :P


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