More Trojan for Symbian OS

Be (more) careful of what you install to your Series60 cellphone... MGDropper, also being called "METAL Gear.a," is a new trojan disguised as Metal Gear Solid game.

"The way the trojan works is that when the "METAL Gear.sis" file is installed on the mobile, the virus disables specified anti-virus software on the phone, as well as all file explorers and various other applications. It then installs Cabir.G, a variant of the Skulls Trojan. Once Cabir.G has infected the phone, it uses Bluetooth to look for other phones to infect. When a suitable phone is found, the virus sends it a file called SEXXXY.sis. If the target user accepts the file, the virus will diable the "select" button on that mobile."

More news via Engadget:

- Networx introduces "BeamDock" for iPod - $160 100-foot range digital wireless audio transmission device.

- $5 Flirting Dictionary for Cellphones: 600 of the best come-on phrases in several languages.

- Having a hard time choosing friuts in a supermarket? RipeSense sensor can help you; well, at least in NZ for now.


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