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BBC: "Some of the most vivid descriptions of the devastation in southern Asia are on the internet - in the form of web logs or blogs." (link to actual blog in the news)

Btw, "Tsunami death toll tops 116,000" already... and I gave it a thought about who holds the official number count. I believe each country's government has its own number and the journalists get the overall number by adding those indiviual country's numbers together.

The best video I've seen so far (about what happened in Thailand, Phi Phi island) was aired on iTV Thailand. (archive of it can be found here (click on the first item, dated "2[ 2004-12-30 ]", 256k or 56k depending on your connection) the actual amatour full vid is around an hour into the clip. The thing I like about the clip is that it shows what happen beforehand throughout till the actual cameraman went underwater (FYI, he actaually survived.) It was really bad on Phi Phi because it is an island and the waves actually went into it more than one direction. And now, just like that; one of the most, if not the most, beautiful islands in Thailand is gone. >.< (update: the vid is down right now, or is it just me on slow connection?)

The New Year is coming and I don't think I want to end this year with the sad news... well, at least there's podcast article update :P

BBC: Podcasts bring DIY radio to the web

via: live.curry.com and Scripting News

p.s. speaking about "live.curry.com", I believe Adam Curry is moving his website for good to just "curry.com," and he asks people to update his RSS/podcast feed also.

update: I found a number of great pics via Flickr blog (also I just want to spread out the word for the "Missing Persons" group.)

update2: Google links to places you can donate.


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