The Companionship Factor

Ok, believe it or not; I'm way behind on listening to the Daily Source Code (maybe that's a good thing since I now have more left to enjoy? :P ) I was saving up a lot of episodes to listen to on the planes going to, and from, my new year vacation; but in the end I wasn't feeling well on the planes so I'm now nearly a month behind >.<

Anyway, what I'm trying to segway into is Adam's comment on the "companionship factor" of the media. On the DSC-2004-12-08, around 21:20min, Adam was talking about [successful] radio(or any successful media, for that matter) is also about the relationship between the listeners and the presenter on the show--exactly what is going on with podcast. And it hit me for why every media should well understand their audience and never abandon their audience just because they can get better monetary reward from elsewhere (a few particular sources came to mind: advertisers, investors.) It sure should be one of the top rules broadcasters need to look at, and remind themselves, everyday.


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