"The only way to do it right is to do it with 100% honesty"

I switched on my radio this morning because I ran out of podcasts to listen to. Interestingly I found Ryan Seacrest playing Dr. Phil on KIIS. (I never knew he does that btw.) A girl called in and talked about how she's in a relationship with a guy, but she senses that the guy is wanting to take the relationship further than she wants. She said that he is a "very nice" guy and all, and she said that she's nice too, but she doesn't want to hurt him by breaking up--and she still wants him to be his companion friend in the future.

Now Seacrest pointed out 3 very intriguing points. He said, "now when we[guys] are being nice to you, you don't want us." And yea that's strangely true. I guess the good does die young... Then they started talking about why... The reason ended up being "he's not the one" and things started to make sense to me. [For you girls readers, the whole topic is very puzzling to guys, ok? We thought it's you girls are supposed to be the ones who want long term relationship. I mean, it's a big punch in the crotch when you are told "I need to break up with you because you are too nice."]

The whole point of the call was to ask how she should break up with him nicely. "The only way to do it right is to do it with 100% honesty," said Seacrest and I agree. "Breaking up is all about ego, but don't embarrass him." Yup! If I'm in a relationship I'd like to know what's fucking happening too.

It's been a strange week. No, I'm not mad at no one; it's just been a relieve revelation to me since in the past week I kept bumping into people who want to ask me advice about relationship and honesty. Definately a light bulb on top of my head went on bright this morning when I listened to the show. (Though still I'm switching back to podcasts tomorrow :P )

btw, imho a person is never "too nice." If you really think that way then it means that you haven't spent enough time with him/her. We learn good, and sometimes fake, things about people when we first meet them. Just hang in there if you really want to know the bads about someone :P


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