Podcast Update

Lots of article updates on podcast today.

-New BBC article on podcast business model, with comments from Dave Winer disagreeing. Obviously we are keeping eyes on what's going to happen. And come to think of it, it is actually good for us to have Adam being the one behind this whole business thing. It would be a lot worse if it's someone else. Adam knows what the audience want, and he is the one who encourages people to advertise in a creative way and not the old-same boring 30sec radio format. Let's just hope money won't change anything many things.

-NASA finally has an info page on podcast after it has its feed up for awhile now.

-Clear Channel, NBA, and radio stations are getting on board with plans to podcast their own.

-In an unrelating topic, Yahoo! Mail has plan increase its storage space to 1GB, matching it with Gmail's.

update: more interesting sites I found:
-Stever Robbins' Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload
-Flickr Transparent Screens Pool
-Life Hacks from 43Folders Wiki


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