Oscar Night

It's the Oscar night and I'm excited to see it... prolly just because I have nothing else to do, lol... anyway, I already feel like wanting to see 3 movies even before it starts: Million Dollar Baby, Ray, Hotel Rwanda... I would have gone to a theater today only if everyone's there to catch up on seeing what they have missed before the award.

Anyway, we'll see who'll get what. I'll prolly make an update post on it ;)

A great night. Chris Rock was da bomb bashing Bush and doing a number of great jokes. I wish he could only do more :D. Also a great night for "African Americans" (as how Jamie Foxx wants to be called), winning both leading(Jamie Foxx) and supporting roles(Morgan Freeman); Beyonce sang most of the songs, and of course Chris Rock was the host. The only thing that was a little surprising to me was the Best Picture. I very much believed it was going to go to the Aviator but now I need to see Million Dollar Baby, lol.

For those that miss the show, you can find the results here.


I know a girl...

I know a girl, she puts the color inside of my world.

She's just like a maze, where all of the walls all continually change.

And I've done all I can, to stand on her steps with my heart in my hands.

Now I'm starting to see, maybe it's got nothing to do with me.

-John Mayer's "Daughters"

Overheard on PBS' Now

"Half-truths are the worst of all lies"

I think it's true. I don't know about you, but I just hate people who lie. Oh, don't get me wrong, I understand that people sometimes need to lie; but why do that when it takes the same effort (if not easier) to tell the truth? It's just down right disrespectful to think that others can't handle the truth, when they are the one who can't handle it (that's why it's so hard for them to say whatever it is and face the acceptance from the real world.) And it's even worse when they try to get away with it by telling half-truth. "Lying" isn't just the act of telling false facts, but the intention of trying to get others to believe what's not true.

With half-truths; as well as making things harder for the public to check, it is an intentional act of knowingly trying to manipulate other into believing a lie. You don't just lie, but you twist "the truth" into a lie altogether.

And the worst of the worst are people that have the ability to lie to themselves, believing in their own lie so much that they don't think their lie is a lie anymore. Without the guilt, there is no hope for a lie to stop. And you know the more you lie, the deeper you go into the hole--having to remember what you had lied about, when the truths are so much easier to remember.


.::.Love Me for Me.::.

--->Name On Birth Certificate? [Still skeptical about internet ID theft. :P ]
--->Nicknames? Knot
--->Any other names you might have? I don't like to use that many names.
--->Would you change your name? Nah.
--->If So, what would you change it to? >.>
--->Where do you live? California.
--->Where have you lived? Here and there, usually not for long.
--->Where would you like to live? Still looking for the dream place.
--->Where are you glad you don't live? In a desert.
--->Hobbies? Internet, music, movies, tv, whatever's closeby.
--->Hidden Talents? Sing (badly) for fun.
--->Do you think you're attractive? Maybe.
--->Do others find you attractive? Have to ask them; tell me if you know.
--->What do you think is your best feature? Concern for others.
--->What do others think is your best feature? No idea.
--->What do you think is your worst feature? Too quiet sometimes.
--->What do others think is your worst feature? Blah...
--->Do you like your personallity? Yea, I am who I am; wouldn't want to change it.
--->Do others like your personallity? I guess, since they still stick around.
--->Do you think your funny? Can be.
--->Do others think you funny? That's very subjective :P
--->Do you like your family? Of course!
--->Do they like you? Hell, yea!


--->Had a serious illness? I'm lucky enough to never been admit into a hospital(yet.)
--->Been happy about someones death? No (what kind of question is this?)
--->Killed an animal? Small bugs, ants, spiders (because had to.)
--->Been sexually attracted to a cartoon character? umm, maybe?!?!! :D
--->Caused a riot? Can't say no, but can't say yes either.
--->Taken part in a riot? Maybe? Try not to.
--->Eaten a bug? Chew a fly once (eww! >.< unintentionally, of course!)
--->Been on stage? Who hasn't?
--->Joined a gang? Not knowingly.
--->Been mentally disturbed? Snapped once or twice.
--->Smoked? No.
--->Drank? No.
--->Stolen? Not anymore, used to when little. (bad boy >.<)
--->Used someone? No.
--->Wished to die? No.
--->Streaked? o_O No.
--->Questioned God's existence? Once in a (long) while.
--->Cursed at God? Maybe "about," but not "at."
--->Stalked someone online? Only got stalked myself once. >.<
--->Had a sexual fantasy? I don't think so. (?)
--->Taken pills? For cough, cold, flu, and fever.


--->Kill your parents? No!!!
--->Eat an ant farm? Maybe, for $1B.
--->Have same gender sex? Have $1B before me first or I don't even want to think about it.
--->Kill your best friend? Ever heard "money can't buy everything"?
--->Hold up a convenience store? Just "hold up"? Let me look up prison time for that first.
--->Shoot yourself in the leg? I would seriously doubt why someone'd ask this for $1B.
--->Eat another person? I think I'll pass on this one.
--->Jump off a three story building? Sure, if there's an air bed. (or bungy rope?)
--->Walk naked in a mall? O_o.
--->Shave your head? Sure.
--->Drink human blood? :E
--->Box with a kangaroo? Who wouldn't do that for $1B?
--->Kill the president? Nah. Not that I like his politic.
--->Slap an old person? Gimme the money Billion.
--->Eat a booger? Come on, you are giving out free billion here.
--->Strip for Osama Bin Laden? I don't think he's gay, and I'll get killed afterward anyway; so no.


--->Letter? K
--->Color? Dark Blue.
--->Number? 9
--->Word? Serendipity, hope, dream, love.
--->Movie? Too many; lately are: Lost in Translation, Closer, Garden State,...
--->Rapper? They all kindda the same to me, no offence.
--->Pop group? Too bad they are all crappy today.
--->Rock/R&B/Pop/R&b singer/band? I really don't listen to specific person/group.
--->Shape? Circle, sometimes ellipse.
--->Person? Too many.
--->Relative? Hmm... ...All of them. :P
--->Old Song? Too many, can't pinpoint to one song >.<
--->New Song? What's new? >.< It changes everyday.
--->CD? Who buy CD these day? (Last I bought, quite sometime ago, was Avril Lavigne if that answer the Q)
--->T.v Show? Friends(older seasons), Will and Grace (just because both are syndicated everyday here :P )
--->Movie Soundtrack? Changes every movie I see.
--->Channel? NBC, only sometimes.
--->Parent? Both of them.
--->Restuarant? Too many, or too little.
--->Drink? H2O.
--->Food? All, which also means none.
--->Snack? I've been staying away from it lately (/hides an old Krispy Kreme box.)
--->Shoe Brand? I don't choose by brand. >.<
--->Underwear? Again, anything that works. :)
--->Season? I'll take whatever it is, not too picky.
--->Sport? All = none.
--->Dance? Only if I know a proper one. T-T
--->Shampoo? Cheapest one that works. :D

Title and questions stolen from Lexi's Crazy Blog. :P

$150(per hr) Sentence

"It's not your fault."

$250(per hr) Sentence:
"I hate [insert a person here]."


MixCast Live, Podcastmatic, and ASCAP license

It's Raining and I am sick >.<. Continuing from my last post, I think I kind of know what got me start blogging again. I think there's a correlation between how much you read blogs (or listen to podcast) and how much you blog yourself. In the past week I couldn't find things to say because I read didn't have to read any blogs at all. But in the last few days I listened to Daily Source Code again and found a number of interesting things that I want to blog... Yet it's been days and I haven't write anything about it.

So let's start first on podcast catch up. I'm very excited that MixCast Live has gone to public beta stage. The only thing we need to get podcast going mainstream is a good solid but software for people to create their own podcasts. We pretty much have the CPU power to record everything in our own garage but we lack the software to do so. So far people have to put things together themselves, using a number of software. (There's also a new WinAmp trick, suggested by DSC's listener) We just need an all-in-one podcast software that can route and play a number of files together, with good/cool interface.

Another area of difficulty in starting a podcast is learning to create a RSS 2.0 feed to "broadcast" your podcast. Fear not, we now have "Podcastamatic," a program that automatically create RSS feed for you. It can even create webpages if you are so lazy to maintain a blog. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds very interesting. Surely I am going to point this to people since I know someone who wants to podcast but they have no idea what an RSS is.

One more good news about podcast: ASCAP now recognizes podcast as a medium :D (though they strangely spell it "pod-cast" together with other words like "play-list." If you don't know ASCAP and BMI are organizations which overlook and collect money for music royalty. The cost is still unclear since different podcast uses music differently. I think it is $288 quarterly(?), or more (in percentage) if you are getting revenue from advertising. Adam Curry has already asked attorney listeners for clearifications, but I haven't heard any updates so far.

Enough for today, I guess. I might throw a big dump post of my collected links sometimes... btw, if you haven't noticed, I updated flickr pics and this blog is now under Creative Commons license ;) so feel free to use things/ideas you find here, in regards to Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0. :)

today's extra links:
- PiP: Pocket iPodder for your Pocket PC
- Napster CEO: "We're going to be communicating to people that it's stupid to buy an iPod."
- Mobile message => Electronic Post-it

update: old links dump:
- Dave Winer asks about ASCAP license
- Update on Chicago's copyrighted park, with links to flickr pics
- 5-star Underwater Hotel
- Shoplifting is safer than downloading
- More web-based RSS reader - Newsburst
- GM President has a blog, and now he has a podcast also
- Feeder: RSS authoring/publishing software for Mac
- WNYC launches its second podcast
- Free invites for Gmail, if you don't have one already

update2: more Gmail invite spooler sites... it seems like Gmail is pretty open now. Everyone's getting lots of invites to giveaway. Gmail also emailed invites to those who signed up with them early on.


I'm all spent

Blogging is a strange thing... you get into a cycle of wanting to stop, then you can't help to start blogging again. At first you want people to read your blog; but then consciencely you think that your friends are reading, so you don't want to express any extreme opinions, especially against them. I know a number of bloggers have more than one blog just to escape from this exact scenario. Also blogging is a part-time (if not full-time) job. It always takes longer than you think. But I assure you it's fun. By talking about your opinions, of what you think; you get to reflect on youself, what you have learned, and why you think the way you are.

I once again got into the trap of thinking too much about the readers. By trying to make everything "perfect," you become a lifeless routine poster which is the exact opposite of what blogging is about. I felt obligated to [read and] post all the news, and it tired--as well as bored--me out. But something today got me back at blogging again. I don't know what--I will have to get back to you on that.

I do have a long list of links, collected in the past week when I didn't blog. I really need to cut back on news links collection and focus more on talking about the ones that are really important.

Is time a factor in blogging? You bet. But you can always find time for things that you think are important, right?

I hope so...


Google Map

- Google released its new map service to help you plan your way
- Public, umm..., private sculpture in Chicago
- FCC is fighting back on cellphone spam
- Phisher is using "Microsoft" name to get your info.
Remember: Microsoft never sends out security updates via e-mail
- Great sunrise pics from a pilot via Adam Curry
- Ask Jeeves has acquired Bloglines
- Have your own low-cost recording studio by a Mac mini
- MSN Messenger suffers outage
- Unique, and beautiful, snowflakes
- More people with nail in their body, unknowingly

also: a number of articles have been added.
update: Google Map dissected


PSP US release detail

Finally we have the official detail for PSP's US release. The date is March 24th, with the price of US$250 which will include: 32MB MemoryStick Duo, headphones, remote control, battery pack, AC adaptor, soft case, cleaning cloth, and an UMD sampler. The UMD movie version of Spider-Man 2 will also be included with the first 1 million pre-orderers/purchasers.

via: Joystiq

- 1TB(1 terabyte = 1000GB) CD-size "HVD" technology
- "Podcast Tuner" - better looking, better design, podcatch client(?). Find out Feb. 8th
- A mug that can tell you how much milk you have in your tea
- A medley for Nintendo fanboys/girls (4:30min long, but first 10 secs are silence)

- PSP's Europe release is delayed till Q2. Sony spokesperson gave reason on chip shortages giving them no capacity to release PSP on 3 worldwide markets


Engadget Catch Up Post

Ok, I just had the chance to do a catch up read on Engadget posts... It seems like I haven't missed much at all. I only find a few interesting thing from the past few weeks.

- Mac mini accessories: mini Tower and the mini Skirt
- Baby monitors with Series60 Phone: "it’ll monitor the room’s sound level and call you when the baby wakes up."
- New black color V3 RAZR. (Blah, my silver one looks a lot better imho. Btw, the Motorola CEO went on CNBC last week, saying that every Oscar nominee will get one for free)
- Survey said: taxi passengers lose 200,000 phones, 11,000 laptops, 31,000 PDAs worldwide in the past 6 months
- It's just a matter of time. There is now a site that sell pro audio recording gear, mics, and mixing software for podcast. Pro Package will only set u back $1695. How about follow the great links I have on my sidebar and do it for free?

via: Engadget

Here Comes Bill

2 big news from Microsoft: (1)They have officially launched their own search engine. You might have already seen the ad on TV. If you own a site, you might want to make sure that it knows about you. (2)On a different note, Microsoft is frowning at iPod users, even to those in their own offices.

- New word of the day: "Folksonomies" - cooperative classification and communication through shared metadata. Basically it's how people today are "tagging" every data with keyword(s), making everything easier for others to find. Sites like Flickr and Delicious have already showed us how fun tagging can be. :P

- It's been a while since someone writes another how-to podcast article. This time MacDevCenter is taking a swing at it. A great explaination for Mac users who wants to try out podcasting.

- Live Linux CDs for games. Play old arcade games without installing. For those that aren't familiar with the term "Live CD"; it's a way to run another operator system on your PC (in this case Linux) without installing anything on your harddrive. You can run Linux, and play games, without installing anything to your harddrive at all.

also: today's extra links:
- The Fifth Annual Weblog Awards - The 2005 Bloggies: check out many of the best blogs out there
- "McDonalds Wants You To F*ck Its Sandwiches" lmao
- Disneyland's most proximate sex-offenders

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